ChargerPoints™ are coming to the UK

OUR MISSION: To build a nationwide network of ChargerPoint™ venues – places where you can top up the charge on your phone while taking advantage of whatever the venue has to offer

In the same way we have come to expect public WiFi hotspots, now you can expect to be able to charge your phone using ChargerPacks™ across the ChargerPoints network.

Keep your eyes peeled for the location stickers in venue windows

ChargerPoints accommodate
Apple and Android devices

Enjoy the convenience of keeping your phone with you while charging

Different ways to find a ChargerPoint where you can boost your phone:

Search “Near Me”

The easiest and quickest way for you guys to get that crucial boost when you have reached that all critical last 5%

Search the “Map”

Another easy and very quick way to search for a ChargerPoint and then click to call and reserve ahead is via the map!

Browse by “Category”

If time and battery is on your side, why not use the categories to explore and find out more about ChargerPoint venues and what else they have to offer?

The “Search Box”

If you know the name of the venue or what kind of place it is, use the search box, this video includes “how to book a ChargerPack online”